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REED’s Power Pack Shotcrete Pump for Refractory Mixer

A 119 kW Cummins Diesel motor and twin variable displacement hydraulic pumps on the B20HP-PP power pack provide enough power to drive both the 15 m³/h with 145 bar B20HP pump and direct hydraulic drive 1 t M2200 model refractory mixer. The pump features the same hard-chromed 102 mm x 914 mm concrete cylinders and 102 mm x 102 mm S-tube as REED’s popular B20 and B20HP model shotcrete pumps. The heavily reinforced hopper has a capacity of 453 l with the addition of the optional hopper extension. The rigid flatpack features 6 tie rods to ensure the high pressures do not cause flex. The M2200 mixer has a mixing capacity of 1 t. It can completely mix a 998 kg bag of refractory material in 3 min. The hydraulically driven variable speed mixer blade has a maximum rotation of 59 rpm, and 13762 Nm of torque. The mixer features adjustable bolt-on mixing blades (wear resistant plates), 2 hydraulically operated guillotine-style cleanout and operating doors (180°) (cleanout with tilt). ForkLift tubes are standard for easy lifting and transport. The B20HP-PP can be smoothly towed on the highway behind either a truck or a trailer (twin 7000 lb highway axles with torsion suspension; 1 lb=0,453 kg). The width of the mixer is just 95 in (1 in=2,54 cm), so it sits nicely on the back of a flatbed truck. When the mixer’s legs are contracted for transport, the height is only 102 in. REED also sells the M2200 mixer with either a small electric or Diesel powerpack that slides underneath the mixer for transport, to be used with existing REED refractory shotcrete pumps. (8/2012)

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