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Refractories Institute Celebrates Golden Jubilee

From modest beginnings in the UK, the Institute has become an internationally recognized body representing people engaged in the maufacture and use of refractories and in related academic and research bodies in countries around the world. IRE members are to be found in more than 40 countries and more than 50 % of IRE Members live and work outside the UK. It was founded to bring together a community of people engaged in the industry, both practical and technical. It has remained true to that founding principle for half a century and new members are always welcome. The Institute’s Journal “The Refractories Engineer” is published six times a year. The “Refractories Engineer” has an extensive readership and includes news and views from the industry as well as technical articles and advertisments. The IRE was founded in 1961 in Dudley, in the heart of the West Midlands industrial area of England. It prides itself on being an organization that is primarily for people, not for companies and at its founding was seen as a way to bring together both the artisan and the technologist. Whilst company support for its members and commercial advertisements in its journal are both extremely welcome, the Institute exists for the benefit of its individual members and is the glue that binds together people in a variety of trades and occupations in the international refractories community, all of who have an abiding interest in refractories manufacture, utilisation, or technology. Further information: secretary@ireng.org

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