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Refractories Production in 2010

The exports of China refractory materials and products were 5,93 Mt in 2010, being exported to over 100 countries and regions. The total output of China refractories in 2010 was 28,08 Mt, of which shaped products was 16,98 Mt. During 2006-2010, the output of fireclay bricks and high alumina bricks was slowing down year by year, but that of magnesia-based bricks, special refractoris and unshaped refractories was gradually increasing. In China, Henan Province is the biggest production base of refractories. There are over 1000 refractories companies, with about 250 000 employees. The local refractories output in 2010 was 13,51 Mt, accounting for approximately 50 % of China’s total. Liaoning Province, famous as one of the major magnesite bases in the world, ranks the second largest production base, with 5,53 Mt of refractories output in 2010. Shandong Province is the third, with 4,4 Mt of refractories output in 2010. The main local refractory materials and products are flintclay, graphite, fireclay brick, silica brick, magnesia-carbon bricks and monolithic refractories. Shanxi Province is in the forth place, which produces refractory grade bauxite, high alumina brick and silica brick. In 2010, 1,24 Mt of refractories were produced in Shanxi province, with Xiaoyi as the leading producer of high-alumina bauxite, Yangquan as the chief producer of high-alumina brick, and Xixiaopin as the key production base of silica brick in China. The four provinces are followed by Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Shanghai for refractories output status in 2010, when the total output of all the above nine provinces and cities was 26,85 Mt, accounting for 95 % of China’s total (Source: Refractories Window) (07/2011).

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