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Refractories: Strategy Consolidated – Industry Association on Course for Further Growth

The German Refractories Industry in going into the next years with a consolidated strategy. “With our growing portfolio of services, increasing visibility of the industry, greater cooperation within the association’s network, and now three new members, we can put more weight behind the refractories industry’s demands to policymakers,“ explained Thomas Kaczmarek, Secretary General of the DFFI industry association. The industry is moving forwards. The industry’s economic situation was currently good: the segment had made up good ground for the past “Corona months”. Order books were full. Concerns were caused by the tighter conditions on the raw materials and energy market and a looming shortage in the supply of natural gas for SMEs in the coming winter months. “It is all the more gratifying that three companies have decided to support our industry work and become members in these times,“ said Thomas Kaczmarek. At the Annual Meeting in Eisenach, the companies WEERULIN GmbH, COFERMIN Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG and MAYERTON Refractories were warmly welcomed as new members. WEERULIN GmbH: the parent company WEERULIN is an internationally operating medium-sized group, producing around 60 000 t of refractories at five locations worldwide with 150
employees. The products are used worldwide in 175 steelworks in 35 countries. The SME is 100 % family- owned and reports to be one of the three largest producers of basic mixes in Germany. WEERULIN offers refractory concepts from high-refractory monolithic raw material mixes up to fully assembled vacuum snorkels with integrated argon gas flushing system.
COFERMIN Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG: since 2000, the chemical division has been part of the COFERMIN Group, which generates a large part of its turnover in the refractories industry. With its headquarters in Essen and 12 employees, the chemicals division generates a turnover of EUR 36 million. In over 36 countries, it supplies exclusively speciality chemical products. The focus is on the so-called “principal system”, according to which each product is sold exclusively to just one single manufacturer. Along with different chromium oxide variations, lithium, cobalt or silver chemicals and products for refractory applications, such as sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium bisulphate, are included in the product portfolio.
MAYERTON Refractories: MAYERTON Group is headquartered in Great Britain, produces bricks and mixes with a capacity of 80 000 t and supplies its products to 50 countries as well as the German market. MAYERTON is a leading producer and supplier of high-grade refractory products and tailored refractory solutions worldwide, devising designs for balanced linings. The international enterprise offers high-temperature-resistant materials and refractory solutions for the iron, steel and non-ferrous industries. Applications include steel ladles, arc furnaces or converters. In addition, the group designs and supplies alumina products, fired magnesia bricks and magnesia-chromite bricks.

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