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Refractory China 2011

As the world’s largest refractory producing, consuming and exporting country, China has been cited in many occasions as a success story in the development of its refractory industry which however has many inherent problems such as irrational product mix and industrial structure, low level of technology and equipment, short supply of refractory raw materials and lack of independent innovation. With the world economy slowly recovering while resource and environmental constraints becoming more and more stringent, the refractory industry will face an arduous task of innovation. Aiming to connect refractory manufacturers with their consumers and suppliers, promote refractory production and application technology advancement, and strengthen international cooperation, the conference will bring together industry leaders and experts to elaborate on the following main topics. Development trends of the steel industry and its demand on refractory; Development of the other refractory using sectors (non-ferrous metals, cement, glass, etc.) and their requirements for refractory products; The 12th Five-year Plan of the Chinese refractory industry; Refractory production and application technology advancement; The world refractory market and international trade. Email:qiu@mc-ccpit.com

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