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Reinforcing Ceramics Using Graphene

The addition of graphene makes alumina a hundred million times more conductive to electricity. The method is simple, fast, and upscalable, making it virtually ready for industrial application. The team believes that the same method could be used for reinforcing other ceramic materials, such as silicon carbide, silicon nitride, titania, and zirconia. Graphenea’s new process starts with graphene oxide, a commercially-available bottled graphene solution. After mixing with alumina, spark plasma sintering (SPS) is applied to homogenize the graphene/alumina mixture. SPS drives a large electrical current through the mixture, having the final product ready in minutes. Graphenea is a leading graphene company that manufactures, produces and supplies graphene for industrial and research needs. The company has developed a synthesis and transfer process to obtain high uniformity monolayer graphene films on any substrate, over a large area. The European Union has selected graphene as one of its two flagship research directions, meaning that graphene research will receive EUR 1 billion worth of funding in the next ten years. Graphenea is the biggest supplier of graphene on board of the flagship. (9/2013)

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