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RHI Inaugurated Environmental Installation in Breitenau/Styria

The EUR 3,5 million in cost – account for 20 % of the environmentally relevant investments made by RHI AG in 2011. The new filter reduces the dust emissions produced during the processing of magnesite, a refractory raw material, by 99 % and lastingly improves energy efficiency. Gas consumption in the two 80-m-long rotary kilns can be lowered by 2 %, corresponding to a total consumption of 350000 m3 or 700 t CO2 saved as a result. The filter was installed in record time with more than 100 people, including 50 % of RHI’s own employees. It was supported by the Austrian Ministry of the Environment with EUR 716 000. At the Breitenau site, around 400000 t raw magnesite are extracted annually in the largest underground mine and processed to 200 000 t refractory raw materials and finished products. Around three quarters are exported worldwide as finished products; the remainder is used as raw material in the Austrian plants. At the site 170 people are employed, including 20 apprentices. In 2010 the plant generated a turnover of EUR 54 million, mining has been going on at the site for more than 100 years (11/2011).

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