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Roullier Acquires Possehl’s Stake in Van Mannekus

Van Mannekus, based in Schiedam, the Netherlands, will be then jointly owned by Roullier and leading magnesia producer, Grecian Magnesite SA/GR. The Roullier Group and Grecian Magnesite have signed a joint-venture agreement and will utilise their experience and market expertise to share responsibilities in Van Mannekus management in order to further develop the sales of magnesium compounds for the chemical, industrial, construction and speciality markets worldwide. Both companies share ownership of dead burned and caustic calcined magnesia producer Magnesitas Navarras SA/ES while Roullier owns subsidiary Timab/FR, which markets magnesia and phosphates for agrimarkets and other markets such as in paper, road de-icing and waste-water treatment. The German, Lübeck-based mineral trading group Possehl Erzkontor acquired Van Mannekus in 1991. In 2007, Grecian Magnesite purchased a 50 % stake from Possehl in the Dutch processor. Michael Tsoukatos, Grecian Magnesite’s director for development said: “We welcome Timab in Van Mannekus, a partner with which we have been successfully cooperating for decades in the development of the agricultural markets, and in Magnesitas Navarras, specialised in servicing the markets of monolithic refractories worldwide. This new development will add sourcing options to Van Mannekus’ existing wide portfolio of grades from Grecian Magnetite’s Yerakini mines in Northern Greece and Erenkoy mines in Turkey that have been successfully supplying the company with a wide range of caustic calcined magnesia grades with unique and controlled chemistry and properties”. Van Mannekus is a well-established processor and trader of a broad range of magnesia compounds. The processing and storage facilities cover more than 25 000 m2 and are located in the heart of the Rotterdam port area. Van Mannekus focuses on the industrial markets with Floormag® and Stonemag® for the construction industry, and the most recently introduced ActiveMag® product range for applications that require high active magnesia such as in rubber and plastics. Van Mannekus closely cooperates with Russian Mining Chemical Co. for the sales and marketing of Ecopiren®, a flame retardant based on Russian brucite (3/2012).

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