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SAVAR Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Till now, SAVAR continued to expand, investing in research, technology, innovation and safety while respecting the environment. The company´s ceramic materials include electrotechnical porcelain, cordierite, steatite, mullite, thermoelectric ceramics and refractories with different amount of alumina. SAVAR manufactures tubes, candles, plates, sleeves, bushes, beads, discs, cuplocks, grommets, nozzles, sockets, ferrules for stud welding and supports of all types as well as other technically complex parts provided by customers who know that the company can find a solution for all needs. With the same motivation, SAVAR develops ceramic materials with high performances by studying and implementing new shapes and production processes in order to improve products quality. The company is proud to celebrate 40 years since its foundation – two generations embraced in order to produce more advanced technical ceramics by preserving the company´s basic traditional ceramic materials.

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