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Schied’s Pocket Address Book for the German Foundry Sector

It contains information on the following groups: ● 850 foundries with all publicized email and internet addresses ● 70-page buying guide for foundry products ● 2300 decision-makers with private address and company affiliation, some with telephone number, email address and birthday ● 700 employees responsible for production on master level with company affiliation and some with private address ● 430 supplier companies, in alphabetical order, new here is the user-friendly listing of the email and internet addresses. ● 200-page buyers’ guide for products from the foundry suppliers’ industry The information on the individual companies includes all key data – like the products manufactured, materials and weight ranges, details on installed equipment and qualifications and in some cases details on the monthly capacity and number of employees. Particularly useful is further listing of names broken down by management level and area of responsibility, so that you can get in touch with precisely the right person even when you are contacting a company for the first time. The main directory of the foundries is arranged by post code so that it is possible to quickly locate the foundries geographically at the same time. 24th revised edition for 2012. 1248 pages A 6. EUR 48.00 + postage. Verlag Erfahrungsaustausch GmbH, Postfach 11 63, D-68536 Heddesheim; E-mail: schieds@online.de

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