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SGL Group: Graphite Research Cooperation with AGH

The goals of the cooperation agreement are to promote and expand knowledge of carbon and graphite in the educational sphere and to develop alternative and improved materials and processes. For this purpose, a Carbon Center is to be established at Krakow University of Science and Technology. Synthetic graphites are a long-established branch of carbon and graphite production. Mastery of the fundamental high-temperature processes involved (2500 – 3000 °C for graphitization) is one of SGL Group’s core competences. SGL Group’s top-selling business area, covering graphite electrodes for electric steel manufacture, cathodes for aluminium production, and furnace linings, is based on synthetic graphites. But synthetic graphites are also increasingly in demand for applications in the LED, solar, and semiconductor industries and as alternative energy storage materials. AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow was founded in 1919 and is one of Poland’s leading science and technology universities, with an international reputation. The abbreviation AGH stands for mining academy and refers to this old-established university’s special competence in metallurgy. With a series of lectures on the subject of “Industrial carbon” and grants for scientific work, SGL Group has been promoting practically oriented training of future engineers and scientists at Krakow University of Science and Technology since 2011. The Annual World Conference on Carbon was held this year in Krakow from 17–22 June. For many years, researchers and developers from SGL Group have been regularly contributing presentations at this conference, which is the most important in the field of carbon materials. The Annual World Conference on Carbon, which has previously been held on a rotating basis in Europe, Asia, and North America, will venture to South America in 2013, with the next conference taking place in Rio de Janeiro/BR. (7/2012)

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