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Subsidy-Free Electricity for Industrial Companies

bejulo/DE heralds the “next era“ of power generation for medium and large scale industrial com­panies and produces energy from photovoltaic power plants that is cost­effective in the long term. Fig. 1: Installation in Osterode The professional team at bejulo GmbH based in Mainz/DE, combines around 140 years of practical experience in the solar industry. By the end of 2018 bejulo will have real­ised photovoltaic (PV) power plants with a combined size of 223 ha – approximately 315 soccer pitches. Their rated output will total 190 MWp. The solar panels on those PV power plants will cover a total area of 1 150 000 m2 i.e. 1,15 km2. They will generate around 160 460 505 kWh or 160 461 MWh of electricity. Approximately 32 200 four­person households can be fully supplied with the equivalent of this electric­ity. Compared with the current power mix in Germany, generating power from these be­julo plants will save 83 224 t of CO2 per year. That is not an insignificant detail, because the energy revolution is on everyone’s lips and renewable energy in demand as ever. Especially outside Germany, the size and rated output of photovoltaic systems are in­creasing rapidly, while the German Renew­able Energies Act (Erneuerbare­Energien­Gesetz, EEG) keeps the subsidy­capable output for the majority of sites to ten mega­watts peak (rated output). But here, too, medium to large scale industrial companies in all sectors are looking for sustainable solutions to meet their energy needs in the long term economically. bejulo GmbH, which looks back on its 5th Anniversary this year, pursues exactly this goal. This makes her one of the industry’s pi on­eers, “what is currently in demand particu­larly among medium to large production companies are viable concepts for high­performance, subsidy­free photovoltaic sys­tems producing sustainably cheap electric­ity,” says Managing Director Martin Görner, “we want to make solar energy independ­ent of the feed­in tariffs. We are committed to establishing new business models for the generation, use and marketing of photo­voltaic systems that pay off without gov­ernment subsidies.” These customised and long­term profitable solutions are particu­larly interesting for producing companies with high power consumption. At present, bejulo, with its highly special­ised team, is implementing profitable solar projects both, nationally and internation­ally. With decades of project experience, the founder­managed medium­sized company realises medium and large free­field photo­voltaic power plants designed for different markets and market models and tailored to local conditions. bejulo has built and is cur­rently planning to realise PV plants in Ger­many, the Nether lands, South Africa, Great Britain and Iran, to name but a few. Last year, for example, a 10 MW plant was built in Werneuchen near Berlin on 16 ha of a former agricultural area. Its electricity yield is suffi­cient to supply 2000 four­person households. In addition, about 5000 t of CO2 are saved compared to the current German electricity mix. “Systems of this kind can not only be imple­mented for municipalities, but also pay off for industrial companies requiring longterm planning security and their own power sup­ply,” emphasizes Görner. In Germany, bejulo intends to push ahead with the development of subsidy­free PV systems in the coming years. “Many electricity consumers are already seeing a change in the energy market. Leading German companies are currently buying “green” energy abroad, and local utilities are also gradually buying back their net­works,” confirms bejulo’s Technical Director Bernd Schappert. Particularly, companies from industries with high power consump­tion – such as the steel, chemicals, paper and glass industry – and large utilities would be well advised to switch to inde­pendent and sustainable power supply now and be fit for the future, he emphasizes. It is difficult to predict what developments will be made on the legal framework, laws and policies in this area, which makes it even more important to develop independent concepts that guarantee companies a fa­vourable longterm electricity price and are also of interest to private and institutional  investors. bejulo GmbH
55129 Mainz, Germany
E­mail: info@bejulo.de

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