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Unifrax Launched 3-m-length Hot Gas Filter

Manufactured from both, refractory ceramic and low bio-persistant fibres, they are typically used in industrial applications for removing particulate, dioxins, furans and heavy metals, such as mercury from the flue gases where temperatures exceed that of traditional bag filters, or where a benefit can be made from recovering the high temperature gas stream. January 2014 saw Unifrax launch its 3-m-length filter element. With a 150 mm diameter, these elements are currently the largest available both within our range and on the market. They have a surface filtration area of 1,35 m2. Specifically designed for larger projects such as glass applications, or simply where footprint is an issue, these lightweight filters can be manufactured in any of the Unifrax range of fibres and are designed to fit into a filter house design similar to that of a traditional bag house. Benefits of the hot gas filter elements include self-supporting and rigid, unlike traditional bag filters there is no need for cages; they are temperature resistant up to 1100 °C and non-flammable with highly efficient emmisions reduction. The elements have a controlled uniform permeability and minimal pressure drop offering lower plant power consumption and simpler operation. Final filter systems do not require cyclones, dilution air, spark arrestment etc.
Unifrax hot gas filter elements have been utilised worldwide in a diverse range of successful applications, including product recovery, incineration and both primary and secondary metals smelting. A reputation for providing durable, high performance filters elements has also led to an ever increasing utilization in the waste to energy arena – particularly in the innovative fields of gasification and pyrolysis. As a manufacturer of elements, Unifrax works closely alongside both filter system builders and distributors.

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