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The conference is designed for manufacturers, scientists, engineers and industry professionals interested in the science, production and application of refractory materials. UNITECR`2013 will be held between 10–13 September 2013 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Abstracts for the conference can be submited by 1 October 2012 in one of the following symposiums: Advanced Testing of Refractories; Advanced Installation Techniques & Equipment; Monolithic Refractories; Iron & Steel Making Refractories; Raw Materials Developments & Global Raw Material Issues; Refractories for Glass; Cement & Lime Refractories; Modelling and Simulation of Refractories; Petrochemical; Refractories for Waste to Energy Processing & Power; Energy Savings through Refractory Design; Nonoxide Refractory Systems; Refractories for Chemical Processes; Developments in Basic Refractories; Global Education in Refractories; Refractories for Nonferrous Metallurgy; Safety, Environmental Issues & Recycling Solutions for Refractories. The program calls for approximately 200 papers, with a final selection of qualified papers by the Technical Program Committee to be made on the basis of technical content, as well as the date and order in which the abstracts are received. Applicants will receive e-mail notification of acceptance by 31 December 2012. Authors of accepted abstracts are required to submit a paper (8 pages or less) for publication in the collected proceedings. Deadline for paper proceedings will be 10 April 2013. Manuscripts received after that date will not be considered. Oral presentations will be 20 min, including 15 min for presentations and 5 min for discussion. The official language of UNITECR 2013 is English. Further information is available at www.unitecr2013.org (8/2012)

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