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User Seminar at ECREF

Oberhausen-based Kerneos GmbH, a corporate member of the German Refractories Industry Association, had invited 25 selected representatives from its client companies to an advanced training seminar under the heading: “Active Compounds and Binders for the Refractories Industry”. In the support programme for the event, as part of scientific presentations, various speakers introduced current innovations and explained to the attendees the benefit of these innovations in refractory products. Moreover, under the direction of Matthias Köcher, technical personnel from Kerneos GmbH were on hand to discuss with the attendees any questions and application-oriented examples from the field. Useful information and practical tips were given during the application tests conducted in the laboratories and implemented there and then. It can be concluded that the event was rated a success by all involved, particularly because of its exceptionally interactive element, and will certainly be staged again in the future.

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