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Global Ceramic Fiber Market Estimated to Reach USD 3,8 Billion by 2016

The ceramic fiber products are primarily used for high temperature insulation in different industries including iron and steel, petrochemicals, ceramic and aluminum. The ceramic fiber products can withstand corrosive environment and very high temperatures. There is a wide range of ceramic fiber end products which are manufactured. These include bulk, blanket, modules, board, paper and textile. The ceramic fiber products help in energy conservation and reduction of production cost by consuming less energy. The product segment bio low persistent ceramic fiber is gaining popularity with most of the European companies restricting RCF owing to its carcinogenic nature. The study of ceramic fiber market is important as the market trend for different products varies with different geographical regions with market players focusing on diverse key product categories. This report not only provides a full estimate of the global ceramic fiber market; but also gives a detailed analysis of their most critical micro-markets, which have remained unexplored so far. The market scenario for ceramic fiber in different geographies differs with the distinct adoption of ceramic fiber products globally. The report analyzes the current and forecasted ceramic fiber market for different market segments. The global ceramic fiber market was worth USD 1,8 billion in 2010 and is estimated to reach USD 3,8 billion by 2016, growing at a CAGR of 13,4 % from 2011–2016. The refractory ceramic fiber and bio low persistent ceramic fiber segments are the key revenue generators for the ceramic fiber industry (1/2012).

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