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Iran’s Cement, Tile and Ceramic Outputs on the Rise

Cement output amounted to 25, 65 Mt, the ceramic tile hit 24,83 million m2 in the 4-month period. The cement output showed 91 %  rise compared to the same period in the previous year. By reaching the annual output capacity of 115 Mt, Iran will become world’s third largest cement producer in the coming years, IRNA reported. Iran’s cement output will reach 75 Mt by the end of current Iranian calendar year. Iran plans to increase its cement output up to 85 Mt by the end of the next Iranian calendar year. Iran also plans to export 12 Mt of cement in the current calendar year. Iran’s tiles and ceramics output stood at 291 million m2 in the previous Iranian calendar year. The amount showed 1,1 % increase compared to its preceding year, IRNA reported. Iran exports 80 % of its domestically-made tiles and ceramics to Iraq.  Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are other destinations for Iranian-made products. Some USD 270 million worth of tiles were exported two years ago. (8/2013)

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