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Magnesia-Zirconia Refractory Materials with Aluminate Phases

At the material design stage, the economic aspects, wear mechanism of materials and their thermomechanical properties were taken into account. The magnesia materials were composed of coarsegrained CaZrO3 grains and fine-grained MgAl2O4 in the amount up to 4 vol.-%. Proper selection of CaZrO3 and MgAl2O4 contents allowed to obtain a material with very good and controlled corrosion resistance. The corrosion test of tested materials was conducted at 1450 °C, the materials were in contact with the hot kiln meal for cement clinker production. Consciously, designed intelligent materials “defended themselves” against corrosive effects during operation by properly microstructure development. A protective layer developed to prevent further corrosion of the material.

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