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13th Annual International Conference of Metallurgy and Refractory Companies in Moscow

Following topics will be discussed: RAW MATERIALS: Raw materials used for modern refractory production; Problems of raw materials quality increase; The methods of decreasing of admixtures in raw materials; Primary ore preparation of raw materials; The analysis of Russian and foreign raw material deposits EQUIPMENT: Equipment utilization experience in different refractory productions; The problems of reconstruction and exploitation of equipment; New equipment supplied by foreign companies for refractory production UNSHAPED: New technologies in modern refractory production; Composition and raw material preparation demands; Properties of refractory products; The problems of refractory quality increase PIG IRON/STEEL: The experience of different refractory applications in units of ferrous metallurgy; Refractory stability; The comparison of different manufactures refractory products STEEL CASTING: New researches of refractories in the steel casting units FOUDURY, CEMENT and GLASS: Application of refractories in the foundry, cement and glass industry; Ceramics; New requirements of industry and manufactures offers INVESTMENT, TECHNICAL and SALES MANAGEMENT, MARKET ANALYTICS: Analysis of Russian refractory market for 2013 and long-term development; Investment projects of technical reconstruction of enterprises; Technical and sales management of refractory enterprises; Investigation of refractory enterprises and their production on the basis of the information and analytical systems. If you are interested in participation please send the supposed report theme and your request for participation until 13 December 2013 at Andrey G. Borisov (Email: borisov@gol.ru) or Fax: +7(499) 129-37-09; +7 (915) 355-30-31 (mobile).    

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