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ICG Invites for Industry Experts in New TC

The aim of ICG is to promote cooperation between glass experts. ICG organizes TC work (laboratory round robins, publication of scientific and technical papers). The members (typically 10–16 persons) of the TC should be a balanced mix between glass industry experts, technology suppliers and academia. The TC should act as a link between industry and academia. Preferably, each major glass sector, container glass, flat glass, glass fibres, specialty glass, domestic glass should be represented. A core team with at least a chair person, vice chair, secretary should be created from the members. If you are interested in energy efficiency in glass production and have a high profile in the industry you may wish to be considered as a member of this new TC. The chair of the new committee is Dr Hans van Limpt (E-mail: hans.vanlimpt@celsian.nl). Those on the committee are expected to make a significant contribution to its activities and attend its twice yearly meetings. Activities and tasks of TC include: identifying the major process steps, that show potential for energy efficiency improvement, including glass melting, glass conditioning, raw material supply and recycling, post-processing of glass; select appropriate technologies; test or develop tools to support energy efficiency investigations (e.g. energy balance models for glass furnaces, protocols for energy management, energy audit procedures dedicated to glass production plants, LCA modelling); define research activities for developing energy saving glass production methods; organize symposia or sessions on energy efficiency in glass production at ICG annual meetings and congresses; share energy consumption and CO2 emission data (anonymous) for benchmarking purposes; share LCA data; share practical experiences and problems related to new energy saving technologies (e.g. use of batch pre-heating, flue gas heat recovery systems, energy efficient furnace designs, recycling etc).  Further information is available at www.icglass.org

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