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6th International Glass Conference in Saratov

The following issues are brought up for discussion: perspective for developing glass industry; glass compounds and characteristics; raw materials and preparation of glass batch; development of nanotechnology for float glass production; architectural and decorative glass; glass melting furnaces and refractories; technology of glass melting, forming, annealing and end operations; safety glazing and glazing units; energy saving glazing; glass engineering industry; equipment and tools for producing and processing glass; scientific-research equipments; investigation of physical, chemical and exploitational properties of glass, refractories and glass products. Reports and posters will be published, the terms of sending reports are till 15 March. Registration fee for each participant is USD 500. Registration fee for participants and speakers includes: service fee, transfer, conference materials, lunch, excursions, and the evening events. Hotel accommodation and transport costs are supported by participants. In case of interest please contact: Saratov Glass Institute Co. Stk, 2, Moskovskoye Shosse, 410041 Saratov, Russian Federation, Tel./Fax: +7 8452 63 12 22; Tel.: +7 8452 4394 85 or E-mail: gorina@narat.ru; zhimalov@narat.ru (2/2012).

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