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CEO Dr Andreas Meier Left H.C. Starck Group

In this capacity, he continues to be available as an advisor to H.C. Starck. Dr Andreas Meier asked the H.C. Starck Supervisory Board and assembly of shareholders to be relieved of his duties. The boards reluctantly accepted his request. Dr Meier started his work at H.C. Starck in February 2010 as the Group’s Chief Executive Officer. During his tenure, he implemented significant initiatives and projects and contributed considerably to the positive development of the H.C. Starck Group: from the long-term supply of raw materials, to the adjustment of strategy and business models owing to the structural changes in the sales markets, to the consequently necessary restructuring and cost reductions. Dr Engelbert Heimes, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, in the interim assumed the role of CEO until a successor is appointed.

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