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Harper Awarded Contract for Research Scale Carbon Fibre Processing Line

The line will include Harper’s renowned oxidation ovens, LT and HT furnaces, as well as a state-of-the-art HMI supervisory control interface, material handling and material treatment systems including creels, winders, tensions stand, electrolysis, washing and drying, and waste gas abatement systems. The fully integrated and extensively outfitted microline has capacity to process continuous tows of carbon fibre with high precision and outstanding data collection capabilities. The system will be used largely for investigation into use of carbon fibre, as well as to expand the local knowledge base and proficiency at the university level. Harper’s client is leading the first step forward in the Brazilian market to develop a carbon fibre industry and technology expertise. Harper is an expert in fully integrated carbon fibre process lines, from microline scale systems focused on universities and research institutions, up to high volume production scales at greater than 4 m wide capable of producing several thousand tons per year. The 3 m wide full line design, pioneered by Harper and focused on linking process steps to ensure the most efficient performance in a seamless and fluid plant operation, is leading the industry in utilization for new capacity expansion (3/2012).

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