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OTTI Symposium: Strong Glass – Challenges in Future Glass Applications

The Symposium, which will be under the direction of Prof. Dr W. Höland, Head of Department Inorganic Chemistry at Ivoclar Vivadent AG/LI, will feature lectures about the various applications of glass focussing on the following topic areas: glass as a construction material, glass for use in the energy sector, and glass offering an innovative combination of properties. In the first session, the possibilities offered by glass as a solid material will be highlighted. A variety of ways to use new, innovative glasses as construction materials will be presented. Further applications in different industry sectors will be identified together with the participants and the properties of new special glasses will be discussed. In the second and third session of the symposium important and innovative fields of application for “strong glass” will be highlighted. The second session will deal with new developments in the generation of energy using solar technology as well as battery applications. In addition, energy storage and energy saving will be addressed. In the third session, current and future innovative property combinations offered by glasses will be presented. The objective is to provide participants with comprehensive and vendor independent information that includes examples of actual applications. Participants will have the opportunity to catch up with professionals and experts of the field, share experiences and establish a network of contacts, in particular at the accompanying industrial and poster exhibitions. In addition to the lectures, a social program will be offered. A joint tour of the city will allow participants to explore Weimar, City of European Culture, and at the subsequent joint dinner, they will have the chance to meet and mingle with the other participants of the symposium (3/2012).

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