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Magnezit Group Expands Raw Materials and Production Capacities

«Development of Talsk magnesite deposit, whose mineral resources are virtually the best quality in the CIS countries, will enable the Group to form a high-quality resource base for a new industrial complex for raw materials processing. Magnezit Group is building this complex in Motyginsk region of Krasnoyarsk Territory now», pointed out the General Director of Magnezit Group, Mr Sergei Odegov. «This new complex will become a source of raw materials for refractory products manufacture at the enterprises of Magnezit Group in Russia and abroad», emphasized Odegov. «It will also considerably expand our presence in the international market, also by means of Russian magnesite deliveries – a high-quality DBM and FM, and also refractory materials based on it. This is a competitive product and now we mark interest in it from the world’s largest consumers. Attainment of planned capacity of this complex by 2015 will enable the Group to meet all requirements in modern magnesia refractories of Russian and the CIS enterprises.» In immediate proximity from raw materials deposit the Group will build one of the largest complexes in the CIS for refractory materials processing on the basis of clinker technology. The investments total more than RUR 7 billion. Production volumes will amount to 200000 t/a of calcined magnesia and up to 150000 t/a of FM. The project is realized stage by stage, taking into account parameters of the Federal programme of development of Lower Angara area. Thus the company can put into operation new capacities taking into account an infrastructure under construction in the region. Participants of the project are enterprises of Lower Angara site of Magnezit Group – Razdolinsk periclase plant and Siberian Magnezit. The first stage of the project will be completed in 2012. By this time Siberian Magnezit will have reached projected extraction volumes in Satka open-pit mine, where capital mining operations on overburden have been already finished. A new workshop will be constructed and 2 shaft kilns with a capacity of 50000 t/a of calcined magnesia will be put in operation. Operating melting capacities in Razdolinsk periclase plant are modernized. It will enable to increase a production of FM up to 50000 t/a. All contracts with suppliers and contractors are concluded; building areas for furnaces and auxiliary objects construction are prepared. Development of Lower Angara production site is one of the most promising projects of Magnezit Group and it is a continuation of company’s strategy on transition to the clinker technology, which allows manufacturing products with stable qualitative characteristics. For the first time in Russia this technology has been introduced in 2008 on the basis of Satka production site of the Group (Satka, Chelyabinsk region) and has shown good results. FM is a basis for all high-quality refractory products, that’s why the increase of its production volumes is among Magnezit Group’s key objectives. Until 2015 the company plans to meet all requirements of consumers from Russia and the CIS in such marketable production, as clinker, carbonaceous refractories for converters, electric furnaces, steel-teeming ladles, and also functional refractory elements for continuous-casting machines. The company also expands its market presence in the other spheres where magnesia products are applied. Nowadays products on the basis of magnesite have various applications in construction, agriculture, protection against radiation, sewage treatment and other eco-friendly projects.  Magnezit Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-class magnesia refractories. The company provides a complete cycle of production from mining of raw materials up to furnishing of maintaining services of heating units. High quality of the resource base is among key competitive advantages of the Group. The company manufactures more than 1000 grades of products. The company’s structure includes 15 enterprises in Russia (in the Chelyabinsk region and Krasnoyarsk Territory), China, Slovakia and Germany. (05/2011)

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