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Magnezit Group in 2011 Begins Production of Magnesia Dry Mixes

Magnesia dry mixes are resistant to metal melts and slag and possess high thermal insulating properties thanks to optimal grain composition, modifiers and a complex binder. Mass composition is developed in such way that after finishing operation of the tundish and cooling of the lining to < 400 ºС the working lining loses its construction strength and can easily be removed. The mixes are produced on the basis of densely sintered periclase powders which are produced by Magnezit Group in its production facilities in the Chelyabisnk region. The new kind of products is intended for installation by “dry gunning”. It enables to considerably improve basic engineering and economical performance of steel casting. Energy and refractories consumption is reduced as well as time of preparation of tundishes for casting.Thereby the quality of continuously cast billets is improved. The technological effectiveness of working lining operation of tundishes is improved as well as providing for accident-free mode of work of the vessel. In future it will be possible to reduce the number of tundishes. Such dry linings possess considerable advantages in comparison with traditional linings made by semi-dry or wet gunning by mixes of basic composition. Linings of tundishes with magnesia dry mixes are currently widely used in Europe. On the CIS territory such technology was introduced in 2009 and was successfully tested in the converter workshop of one of the biggest metallurgical plants. During the period of pilot and industrial-scale tests of tundishes there were no complaints concerning lining strength and natural gas consumption lowered during the first half year of the new technology applied by 1,8 Mm3. Supplier of the magnesia dry mixes is in this project the company Dalmond Feuerfest Siegburg GmbH & Co./DE (part of Magnezit Group). Tthe project of producing dry mixes in Russia on the basis of the Satka production site is an example of production cooperation of the plants of the Magnezite Group. Using its own scientific and technological potential as well as raw material possibilities of the plants Magnezit Group optimizes recourses for developments and production of high quality products with the aim of satisfying ever increasing requirements of customers. Magnezit Group is among the world leaders for production of highest quality magnesia refractories. The company has complete production cycle from mining of raw materials up to engineering and operational servicing. The company is 100 % provided for raw materials which makes it possible to produce more than 1000 grades of different products. The structure of the company includes 15 plants in Russia, China, Slovakia and Germany. (11/2010)

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