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Orbite Announces 2nd Quartal 2013 Results

Orbite is completing the construction and optimization of its wholly-owned high-purity alumina (HPA) plant in Cap-Chat, Quebec, which is currently producing intermittently at a capacity of less than 50 kg/d to satisfy customer sample requests. The plant is expected to achieve commercial production of 3 t/d in Q3 2014, subject to securing the requisite funding. Orbite initiated cost reduction measures aimed at reducing its operating capital requirements with the objective of completing the construction and optimization of the HPA plant. Orbite signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Veolia Environmental Services in February 2013 for the exclusive worldwide remediation of red mud using red mud remediation (RMR) plants based on the smelter-grade alumina (SGA) plant design. Orbite and Veolia are actively working on achieving specific milestones in 2013 and 2014 that include completing an economic model for first demonstration plant site selection, determining the optimal capacity, ownership and funding structure of the first demonstration RMR plant, completing engineering and establishing a construction timetable, subject to securing sufficient funding. Orbite has completed the basic engineering and a Preliminary Economic Assessment for a proposed SGA plant processing aluminous clay from its Grande-Vallée deposit. Orbite intends, after the completion of its HPA production facility, to undertake a feasibility study, including site selection and detailed engineering, subject to securing sufficient project financing. (8/2013)

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