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Successful ggENOx Installation in 3 Container Glass Furnaces

glassglobal Engineering / glass global Consulting GmbH has completed a very successful installation of ggENOx at Cristalerías Toro S.p.A. in Chile. Cristalerías Toro is a well established glass factory producing high-class bottles for wine, spirits, liquors etc. for local companies and internationally operating trademarks. The company is a passionate organizer and supporter of ecological campaigns all over the country and operates with over 70 % recycled cullet in colored glasses. ggENOx was integrated in all Cristalerías Toro’s 3 end-port container glass furnaces. Two furnaces in continuous operation had not to be interrupted for the installation; the third installation was realized in a new furnace. The ggENOx installations including a combustion optimization resulted in a NOx reduction by more than 40 %. Moreover these installations also brought an additional energetic advantage. Until today, Cristalerías Toro achieved an energy reduction by 3–5 % that still has to be proven long term. (9/2013)

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