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Refratechnik and QMAG Follow a Common Path

With this agreement, the international major producer of high-grade magnesia products, headquartered in the state of Queensland in Australia, will become an important partner in the Refratechnik Group. QMAG owns one of the world‘s largest deposits of cryptocrystalline magnesite. Mined in the open pit method, the ore is processed into high-quality fused (FM), dead burned (DBM), and caustic calcined (CCM) magnesia in the nearby Rockhampton production site. Similarly, the alliance has been strengthened even more QMAG‘s large ore reserves and production capacities, thereby guaranteeing secure supplies for the customers for decades. By the agreed purchase contract, QMAG will add vertical supply-chain integration in addition to existing partnerships and strengthen Refratechnik’s position as a global industrial mineral producer, adding to Baymag’s world class magnesia operations in Alberta/CA and Refratechnik’s recent start-up of magnesia operations by Haicheng Guozheng Mining in Haicheng/CN.   www.refra.com

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