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RHI AG Supplies Complete Refractory Systems for Siemens VAI Projects

Steel Authority of India Limited has awarded Siemens VAI Metals Technologies with the construction of a new LD converter steel mill in Bhilai, India. The project includes the engineering and supply of three LD converters and will start operations in the second quarter of 2011 with a capacity of 4 Mt/a of crude steel. In the course of this project, RHI will supply the entire refractory linings for the steel mill: a total of roughly 3000 t of refractory bricks and mixes for 8 hot metal ladles, 4 converters and 29 steel ladles. The refractory products required for this purpose (magnesia carbon bricks, ladle purging plugs, converter purge plugs, etc.) are manufactured at RHI plants in Europe and China.
In addition, RHI will also implement a system solution for breaking out and exchanging converter tapholes for the first time in the Asian region. This comprises the delivery of two machines to break out tap holes using the counter-percussion technique and the related ISOJET Type C tap holes. This system solution ensures a highly efficient replacement of tap holes, thus increasing availability of the converter and consequently higher productivity for the customer. The second Siemens VAI project comprises the converter revamp at the Novolipetzk steel mill in Russia (NLMK). RHI will supply the machine to break out converter tap holes (TBD) and ISOJET also for this project. RHI Group employs 7100 people worldwide at 32 production sites and roughly 50 sales offices. In the first three quarters of 2009, RHI generated revenues of EUR 1,0 billion (2008: EUR 1,5 billion). In Austria RHI employs 1700 people at seven locations. (01/2010)

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