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Three Decades of Alphabond 300: An Overview of its Technical Advantages

Alphabond 300 has been used in many applications since it was developed three decades ago. In this paper an overview is presented of the different technical advantages for applications where Alphabond 300 is used. Alphabond 300 is a calcia-free hydratable alumina based on pure alumina. In castables containing components such as silica and magnesia, the … Weiterlesen …

Innovations in Lining of Aluminium Processing Furnaces

Close and fruitful cooperation between this two companies lasts for nearly 25 years. DITHERM a.s. Praha, engaged in engineering, innovative designs and installations of refractory linings of thermal aggregates, and Průmyslová keramika Rájec-Jestřebí, a producer of predominantly non-shaped refractory masses and prefabricates made from these masses.

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Set-up for Predicting the Drying Behavior of Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC)-Bonded Refractory Castables

During the initial heating of Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC)-bonded castables, physical and chemically-bonded water is released. Therefore, when the refractory’s permeability level is limited, pressure buildup inside the dense microstructure can take place, resulting in cracks and spalling of the ceramic lining.