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Inhibiting the Carbon Deposition from the Reverse Boudouard Reaction in Refractories Submitted to CO–H2 Atmosphere

The catalytic decomposition of carbon monoxide via the reverse Boudouard reaction in the presence of a mixture of CO–H2 gas produces a solid sp2 carbon deposit, which has deleterious effects on refractory materials.

Hot Corrosion Resistance of Aluminosilicate Refractories – Comparative Tests in the Secondary Combustion Chamber of a Hazardous Waste Incinerator

This paper presents the alkali and sulphur vapour corrosion resistance of aluminosilicate refractories under industrial conditions. Aluminosilicate refractory samples with Al2O3 contents ranging 42–90 mass‑% were exposed for 8 months to the corrosive atmosphere in the secondary combustion chamber (gas temperature approx. 950 °C) of a hazardous waste incineration facility.