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Infrared Heaters with New Ceramic Reflective Coating

The ceramic coating has 85 % of the reflective efficiency of gold, is less expensive and has a longer life than gold coated infrared quartz lamps. Like gold, the ceramic reflective coating makes the heaters unidirectional, radiating most of the energy towards the part or area being heated without the need for external reflectors. However, compared to ceramic coatings, gold coatings dissipate at a relatively low temperature. Over the life of a gold coated lamp, the effectiveness of the lamp diminishes due to the emissions being able to penetrate the gold coating. RadReflect infrared lamps are available in shortwave and medium wave fast-response versions allowing for the optimum wavelength needed. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically making them suitable for many types of line orientations. The RadReflect IR lamps are available in single and twin tube models. IR lamps can be sold individually or mounted into a cassette to make IR heater panels. These lamps and IR heaters are also suitable for many cleanroom applications. Elements are protected from moisture, solvents and contamination.

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