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Investigation of the Thermomechanical Properties and Fracture Behaviour of Magnesia-Based Materials by Using a Refined Digital Image Correlation Method

Magnesia-spinel and magnesia-hercynite bricks for thermal shock applications often show an enhanced crack propagation resistance due to an engineered microstructure design. In these materials, microcrack networks resulting from the thermal expansion mismatch between magnesia matrix and spinel/hercynite aggregates promote the activation of energy dissipating mechanisms within the so-called Fracture Process Zone (FPZ) during loading.

Strain Fields’ Measurements: Novel Engineering Approach to Enrich the Characterisation of Refractories with Non-Linear Mechanical Behaviour

The present work aimed to apply digital image correlation (DIC) used for kinematic fields’ measurements as a support for the experimental characterization of refractory materials with specific non-linear behaviour.