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High-Alumina Chemically Bonded Refractory Castables Containing Liquid or Powdered Binders

Phosphate-bonded refractories may be applied as repairing materials due to their fast setting time and good thermomechanical properties in the 30–1000 °C temperature range. Phosphoric acid and Monoaluminium Phosphate (MAP) solutions are commonly used as main binder additives in chemically bonded compositions, but powdered phosphate compounds can also be applied for this purpose.

Alumina-Carbon Refractory Castables Containing Calcium-Aluminate Coatings on Graphite

The physical properties namely bulk density, apparent porosity, cold crushing strength of carbon-containing high alumina based refractory castable containing both natural and modified graphites (94 % fixed carbon) have been evaluated within the temperature region 110–1500 °C.