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Perspectives for Synthetic Aluminas in the Refractories Market

At present, the raw materials market for the refractories sector is very dynamic. We approached Almatis, who is a well known global player in the alumina business. Emre Timurkan (ET), CEO Almatis, was prepared to share with our readers his views. Emre Timurkan has over 20 years experience in the financial markets, having worked in commercial and investment banks globally.

High-Temperature Mechanical Characterisation of In-Situ Forming Spinel-Alumina Castables Using Magnesia or Magnesite as Raw Material

In this work, four alumina-magnesia, cement-bonded castables were tested at high temperature. Strength was determined by bending test at temperature ranging from room temperature to 1550 °C. As a reference, a high alumina castable was also investigated.

High-Alumina Chemically Bonded Refractory Castables Containing Liquid or Powdered Binders

Phosphate-bonded refractories may be applied as repairing materials due to their fast setting time and good thermomechanical properties in the 30–1000 °C temperature range. Phosphoric acid and Monoaluminium Phosphate (MAP) solutions are commonly used as main binder additives in chemically bonded compositions, but powdered phosphate compounds can also be applied for this purpose.