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Sustainable Approaches to Monolithics

Innovative ideas and technologies represent, on a more holistic level, a contribution to a self-sufficient, resource-efficient implementation of the company’s own raw materials with reference to new applications of the Eisenberger Luting Sand with its fractionable and defined finest grain fractions in micrometre and sub-micrometre scales. Above all, mineral raw materials such as Eisenberger Luting … Weiterlesen …

Impact of Melt Phase Formation on the High-Temperature Behaviour of MgO–CMA–C Refractories

Due to their excellent thermomechanical properties and corrosion resistance against aggressive steel/slag systems, carbon-bonded magnesia (MgO–C), alumina-magnesia (AMC), and magnesia-alumina (MAC) bricks are the dominating refractories for the lining of the side walls and bottom of steel ladles, basic oxygen furnaces, and electric arc furnaces.

On Refractories’ High Performance and High Cost-Effectiveness

The terms of “high performance” and “high cost-effectiveness” for refractories are so familiar. However, to answer questions like what the real meaning of high performance is, how to represent it, what the evaluation criterion is and how to realize high performance and meanwhile high cost-effectiveness seems to be not that easy without thinking in depth.

Fracture Process Zone in Refractory Castables after High-Temperature Thermal Shock

Thermal shock damage is an important issue for the refractories industry. To understand the microstructural behaviour and with it the thermoelastic properties during thermal shock treatment are key topics for high performance refractory materials and their development.